November Record of Tree Swallow – The SDG

The following are 62 photos, in order of how they were taken, of a Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) over the St. Lawrence seen from Ault Island in the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Ingleside-Morrisburg, ON (United Counties of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry) that Mark Gawn and I saw today, 03 November 2018. The photos have been edited and cropped. Some of them are intentionally extremely over-exposed (with the vibrance and saturation altered) to bring out any details and colour that was hidden but captured in the photo.

The link to our eBird list for this location is here:

IMG_5810 - TRES IMG_5812 - TRES IMG_5813 - TRES IMG_5814 - TRES IMG_5815 - TRES IMG_5816 - TRES IMG_5816 - TRES2 IMG_5817 - TRES IMG_5818 - TRES IMG_5819 - TRES IMG_5820 - TRES IMG_5821 - TRES IMG_5822 - TRES IMG_5823 - TRES IMG_5825 - TRES IMG_5826 - TRES IMG_5827 - TRES IMG_5828 - TRES IMG_5829 - TRES IMG_5829 - TRES2 portrait IMG_5830 - TRES IMG_5831 - TRES IMG_5832 - TRES portrait IMG_5832 - TRES IMG_5833 - TRES IMG_5834 - TRES IMG_5835 - TRES IMG_5836 - TRES IMG_5837 - TRES IMG_5838 - TRES IMG_5839 - TRES IMG_5840 - TRES IMG_5842 - TRES IMG_5843 - TRES IMG_5844 - TRES IMG_5845 - TRES super exposed IMG_5846 - TRES IMG_5846 - TRES1 IMG_5847 - TRES IMG_5848 - TRES IMG_5849 - TRES IMG_5850 - TRES IMG_5851 - TRES super exposed IMG_5851 - TRES IMG_5852 - TRES IMG_5853 - TRES IMG_5854 - TRES IMG_5855 - TRES IMG_5856 - TRES IMG_5857 - TRES IMG_5858 - TRES IMG_5859 - TRES IMG_5860 - TRES IMG_5863 - TRES super exposed IMG_5863 - TRES IMG_5865 - TRES IMG_5866 - TRES IMG_5867 - TRES IMG_5869 - TRES IMG_5873 - TRES IMG_5874 - TRES IMG_5875 - TRES def

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